Protesting the Wage Gap


Protesting the Wage Gap

The MCA asked us to come up with launch ideas to get Chicagoans to visit Laurie Simmons’ upcoming MCA exhibit. We connected Laurie’s art, which exposes inequality across the lines of gender, sexuality, and race, to the cost of womanhood. Because let’s face it, it costs. Whether it’s the $200,000 they’re projected to spend on makeup in a lifetime, or the .80 cents on the dollar (or less) they make compared to men - being a woman takes a mental and financial toll. 

To combat the wage gap, we suggested discounting the admission price for anyone who has been affected by the wag gap, giving them back the money they are missing out on just for being themselves.

When the MCA announced they were going to do this, it got picked up by a lot of local art and news sites including, artnet News, TimeOut Chicago, Sixtysix, Art Forum, and Lonely Planet, to name a few.


Copywriter: Hope Lee


Art Direction